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Classic Book Club's Journal
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Sunday, January 18th, 2004
3:49 pm
can you help
I am looking for these poems in translation.. can anyone help me??


the lake, autumn, and the lizard

and then hugo:

the djinns
the night of the Fourth
open windows
jeanne was holed up
the broken vase
Saturday, January 10th, 2004
6:23 pm
Is ANYONE reading Vanity Fair or has everyone given up? :)

I'm on chapter 26.
Monday, January 5th, 2004
5:07 pm
I found out about this community through folks mentioning it on 50bookchallenge, and it sounded interesting so I thought I'd give it a go.

It sounds like I might be a little late to join in on Vanity Fair, but I'll shoot for the next book. :)
Sunday, January 4th, 2004
3:37 pm

I just have to say that after almost 200 pages, Vanity Fair is quickly becoming one of my top "hated reading" books. No clue as to why...maybe its the language...maybe its the story line (a little interesting here and there but otherwise... :P) I dunno.

But the odds of me completing this book are rapidly slimming.
I am open for the next trial though, and am making a few suggested readings that have been (repeatedly) crossing my path as of late:

The Fountainhead
The Bell Jar
American Gods
anything Virginia Woolf, as I've never tasted yet.

If there are more specific guidelines for suggested literature (age, recognition, etc), let me know.

Just please say I can return this book to the library...its the first time in a long time I haven't found something interesting hidden in black and white.

Monday, December 29th, 2003
5:18 pm
Vanity Fair
Well, I bought my copy of Vanity Fair and started reading it last night. Just out of curiosity, how many others are reading this book?

Oh, and melissaamy, I think I got the same copy as you becuase this one has discussion questions in the back. If it's a different copy, I guess we'll just have MORE questions to discuss.

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Sunday, December 14th, 2003
10:27 pm
I just realized that I didn't ever introduce myself. My name is Andrea and I'm a 25 year old stay-at-home mom of my 3.5 month old daughter. I have a minor in English and have toyed with the idea of going to grad school for a master's in English. I love reading pretty much anything and usually have a few books going at a time. I have always been fond of classic lit and really like sci-fi as well.
9:43 pm
Can we institute a policy of using lj-cuts?
I'm excited about this community! I really hope we can get it going and keep it going. It sounds like a lot of fun to me.

One thing I'd like to say is, the lj-cut tag is our friend! Please don't spoil the book for people who haven't gotten as far as you have. I have a suggestion, the community moderators can do with it as they please... Use an lj-cut whenever you discuss specifics about the book. Using an lj-cut with a line as to where you are in the book could be really helpful. It would look something like this:

A Worn Path, Chapter 4Collapse )

If anyone wants a tutorial on how to do what I just did, comment and I'll post how. It really isn't hard, once you know how. :)

Current Mood: excited
10:13 pm
Vanity Fair....
sounds like we have settled on Vanity Fair by William Makepeace Thackeray

can everyone have the first 19 chapters read by Jan. 6th?

then we can discuss?
and if anyone has questions and not wanting to mess others up.....ask away on my LJ ok?

Current Mood: drained
7:28 pm
ok, look.....
I am going to suggest we all read Vanity Fair by William Makepeace Thackeray

I am going to read it over the holiday.

I will begin to post some suggestions to discuss it the week following new year.

If anyone has anyquestions or want to go over a chapter or WHATEVER, please post it in here.....as far as I am concerned this is my last effort. I asked opinions only to have a few people respond and then nothing. I gave my LJ code to start this group, so it ticks me off a tad that it is going no where and fast. So even though I am not a moderator, I will say this...I am reading Vanity Fair, wanna join me? then get a copy and read it......post questions or comments about the book into this community....PLEASE.

I was so excited when this group started.......now lets regain that excitement!!!!!!

go get Vanity Fair and read........please......

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Tuesday, December 9th, 2003
6:00 pm
Hi all. My name is Molly.

I have no college degree yet, but have always had an ambition to earn a degree in English. I am 29 and I have two kids: an almost four-year-old boy and a 19-month-old girl. I work from home for a medical transcription company. (All that is in my profile, but I thought I'd save ya'll a click, *wink*). My husband and I plan on homeschooling our children. To that end, the books I have been reading lately are mostly education oriented.

I have not read very many classics. I always thought I would when I got to college. To be honest, I didn't trust my own comprehension enough to try reading real "literature" on my own. Having researched homeschooling so much has actually given me a clearer picture of what I am capable of, as well as confidence to learn on my own. I don't know when in life I will have the time to actually go to college... it may not be for a good many years... but I plan on learning and doing as much as I want in the meanwhile, and that includes reading all the great books I have always wanted!

Now as to practical involvement in this community, I will read what the group decides on, as long as it is available in my local library.

Also, our family is planning on filing bankruptcy soon as the land our trailer is on is being sold, and we will be moving to Michigan. So I might under some time constraints right now as well.

I will do my best though.

I'm not currently reading any fiction. The ones I have read most recently include "Slaughterhouse Five" by Kurt Vonegut and "Catcher in the Rye" by J. D. Salinger. Loved them both.
11:03 am
anyone out there
Hey is anyone reading ANYTHING? Does anyone want to COLLECTIVELY read something?? Please reply!

Current Mood: cold
Thursday, November 13th, 2003
10:17 pm
Lets go people....
We all fell off the wagon here.....now let's all get it on....

We must pick a book to read ASAP. I would love to have our first book read and going by Christmas if possible.....

Now we need to pick something to read, but since it is coming up on the holidays and I think a bit of light readin may be in order I will nominate a book that is just fab.....

Big Stone Gap: A Novel
by Adriana Trigiani

I read this book a few years ago and loved it. The end also has a reading group guide to lead discussions and such. It really is a sweet book and an easy read leading into these holiday seasons.

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Tuesday, October 14th, 2003
1:54 pm
has a series of questions about the story (thanks melissaamy!) and most of them deal with symbols... one of the most important (IMO!) are questions about the animals and the clinic... I'll pose these two to you all:
Describe the entry to the building. What do the stairs, its size, the golden document nailed to its door symbolize?

Define the treatment Phoenix experiences in the clinic. Provide some rationale for it.
Monday, October 13th, 2003
1:27 pm
A Worn Path
Ok, I am going to start some discussion of this story off with a question -- did anyone else get the impression, or even have the thought, that perhaps the grandson had died YEARS ago, and that the woman was continuously for herself, and/or out at of love for the dead?

I'm not too sure why the thought struck me, but as soon as I read that, the whole story really focused on the struggle of the journey itself, and not on the purpose or reasons behind the journey.

I am going to do a bit of reading later about what happens (typically) if someone swallows lye, but anyway -- there's a thought for everyone to noodle over.

And the discussion is officially begun!

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Wednesday, October 8th, 2003
10:45 am
I've SO been doing this already :)
I love there's a community for it now.
Leaves of Grass was high on my list..now I will prolly grab the first ed. instead, as I figured out Walt edited it until he died lol. So much for that spontanious passion.
I hope to find lots of great suggestions and discussions here :)

11:37 am
A bit about cybergelfling
Well, I started this idea, so here I go!

I am a 26 year old married female, still without children but planning on some in another 2 years or so. I work as a Marketing and Graphics Coordinator for a small (national) specialty retail chain, and the job really stresses me out. I LOVE to read and haven't done enough of it lately, so I am THRILLED to have this group as a motivation to read more and take some time for myself.

Other interests include animals and animal rights (no, I'm not veggie though), renfaires, cooking and crafts.

I was a Comm and English major in college so I've read quite a bit, particularly a lot of African American Literature (one of about 5 "Caucasian" people in the classes!)... so I have a certain affection towards books by Maya Angelou, Toni Morrison, and the like. However other favorites include Edith Wharton (all of my term papers were on her) and Jane Austin (my love for "culture" of the Victorian era); Tolstoy and the other Russian authors; and a smattering of other great writers. There is very little that I WON'T read when it comes to classics (though I find Animal Farm a bit hard to take for ANOTHER time....)

Hope this gives a little insight!


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10:50 am
9:54 am
Welcome to all new members
Yay, our ranks are growing and I have a suspicion that it's the amazing maguire708 spreading the word.

Maybe we should all post a little bit about ourselves before we start discussing the first short story?

Oh, and for those of you who don't know, we are reading the short story "A Worn Path" by Eudora Welty first... there is a link a few post backs to a free version of the story.

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Tuesday, October 7th, 2003
10:50 pm
oh i'm SO glad someone came up with an idea like this!! (i saw it posted in my wench_dot_org :) )

i'll comment on a few of my favorite authors first...

i think i own almost every novel vonegut has ever written, and i'm workingon a robert a heinlein (sp?) collection. i ADORE clockwork orange, f451, 1984.

i was just actually having a discussion with my mother earlier tonight about "classic" books, and about how my high school english teachers basically ruined several of them (lord of the flies, catcher in the rye, to kill a mockingbird, great expectations) by busy-working them to death. however, i was also that girl who was sitting in the back of the room reading dante's inferno while they discussed what the character of Piggy symbolizes... i couldnt stand high school english because they had to play down to the dumbest kid in the class... so i'd be bored out of my brains.

i have a bone to pick with hemmingway... i adored the sun also rises, but i cant stand the man. it makes for a lot of conflicting thoughts :)

anyway, i'd love to read sun also rises or f451 again if anyone's interested :)

oh, by the way, i also have a required reading list (my brothers) from new york state high schools with some great books on it. if anyone would like to see it, i'd be glad to share.

...goodnes i had a lot to say, eh? nice to meet you all!

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3:21 pm
A Worn Path
Ok, I read the story... how do we want to go about posting our discussion. Should I wait?

Current Mood: bored
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