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Expanded Experience

I wouldn't usually x-post into a community, but I was posting this in my journal and knowing about the community I wondered if you would be sparked by my thoughts.  If this does spark your literary thoughts, any comments you make might be helpful to process this stuff in my mind, expand my thinking, and probably just be downright fun.  Enjoy!

With an exam on Friday I have finally got a moment to study.  These are my currently rather scattered thoughts on the following essay topic:
The only reason to pay attention to works of literature is that they illuminate life.  These things are valuable because they expand your experience of life.
The works I've selected are:
"Apologia Pro Poemate Meo" - Wilfred Owen (translation from Latin - "Apology For My Poem")
“‘Computer Error, Neautron Strike’” - Edwin Morgan
"Musée des Beaux Arts” - W.H. Auden (translation - “Museum of Fine Arts”, reference to the museum in Brussels)

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