maguire708 (maguire708) wrote in a_worn_path,

new writers' group at yahoo

Years ago I ran a writers' workshop group called york.fes.writer-cafe on usenet. It apparently used to be York University's Faculty of Envornmental Sciences's space, but they never used it and in the nature of all things net it attracted some good and some bad. About 7 years ago some other writers and I reclaimed it from spammerland. At its peak it was very active and fulfilling a lot of the time, but between moving and other stuff in my life it fell by the wayside. It lapsed back into spammerland and has disappeared from most newsgroup lists (except through googlegroups) and it really died. One of my former companions there recently looked me up and asked me for the proverbial kick in the pants and I know I have also been needeing that, so I set up a new version at: <> last night.
Come join if you're interested in seeing what we'll be doing. Come join if you are interested in short weekly challenges, peer critique, and a safe space to experiment and share your words.
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