mollygetadverbs (mollygetadverbs) wrote in a_worn_path,

hello. i'm stupid because i didn't do this earlier. anyway, i have a research paper due on wed. :/ about adolescent novels and their influence on adults and younger readers. could some of you respond with a comment?

please fill this out. thanks to those who participate and i appreciate it greatly.

have you read 'go ask alice,' 'the perks of being a wallflower,' 'the catcher in the rye,' or all of them?

how did they make you feel? how were you influenced? what influenced you to read the book(s)? could you relate to any of the characters or did you feel you know or have known of someone like one of the characters? what did you think of the book(s)...what are your thoughts? did you read the book(s) as a teen or an adult?

:if you're an adult and you read it as a teen: what did you think of it back when you were a teen and have your thoughts changed since then?
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