saiko_michiketa (saiko_michiketa) wrote in a_worn_path,

"Jude the Obscure"

for those who have read it, maybe you can help

i figure, once i can come up w/a topic for the 4 pg paper, i should have no trouble writing it

i THOUGHT for the longest time that i'd write it on how Jude's feelings for the city of Christminster is similar to his impressions of the women he falls in love it, esp about how it tends to be how he's blinded by his own assumptions and romantic misconceptions of them that drives him to involvement with them

but then, that would only describe the first half of the book, and it's not as if Jude's feelings for Sue were all based on things that weren't true

so, days later, i find myself back at square one and time's running out


any ideas?

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